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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving Illinois, Indiana and the St. Louis, Mo. area
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Just Entered Foster Homes
Dwight - June 2, 2018

“Saturday was a great day for the Bassets at the GABR Park.  
Over 50 Bassets and their owners attended the Annual Breakfast With
The Bassets at Dwight.  Lots of food and lots of Basset slobber was
available all day.  Royalty was everywhere – Roxie, the 2017 Queen
was there along with our 2017 King, Kenny!  Our 2015 Queen, Wigi, was
also there.

Over 40 of our new Waddle t-shirts were sold!  Don’t worry – we’ll have a lot more.
Larry Little, the GABR President, gave a report to the crowd of the future of GABR – and how exciting it’s going
to be!!  It was also a chance to meet a lot of our old friends, both human and Basset.  

And, of course, Baby was there.  

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Breakfast is served.
Indianapolis - June 9, 2018

"Saturday was GABR's second stop in the  2018 Breakfast with
the Bassets.  Over 20 Bassets and their owners attended -
it was a great day.

And one of those attending was Jack and his new
owners, Ray & Nancy Middleton.  Jack was the boy
that was found in a snow drift in Missouri with a
horrible cut from his nose to his throat.  As you
can tell from the pictures, Jack's life is much better
At his presentation to the group, Larry emphasized that it was time to increase
Indiana's participation in all aspects of GABR.  His challenge was to start a "GABR Indy"
Facebook page and begin looking for events that we can all participate in year round.

We all had a great time at the Indianapolis Basset Breakfast!
Martin Family
Laura Southcombe
& Amy Raghezi
Tex II
Adoption Pending