Just like Stitch in the movie Lilo and Stitch, I am looking for my “OHANA”. In case you don’t know
OHANA means family in Hawaiian. Ok…I’m not Hawaiian, but like Stitch from the Disney movie, I am
active and curious and seek acceptance.  I tend to get frightened of men and the unknown – but I am

In the past I came from a home with older folks so I have not been around young children. Since I am a
bit skittish at times, maybe it would be best if my OHANA was one with older teenagers or even just a
new Mom or Dad. My Foster Mom says I am a good boy (most of the time) and she is very pleased
that I am completely potty trained! I like to be near her but I don’t get in her way – I just want to know
what she is doing.  I like to play with toys and do not chew things I am not supposed to.

My Foster Mom tells me to slow down when I eat because I can inhale a cup of food in less than 3
minutes. She says she may need to get me a “special” bowl…I wonder what that means??? I also have
a bit of a problem with being too focused on food and sometimes snap at my 2 Foster brothers when it
is food or treat time, so I am fed around the corner. I’m glad I still eat near them because I get along
with my Foster brothers alright; I just love food so much and get too excited!!

So that’s my story. If you would like to meet me please call those great people at GABR and tell them!  
I want my next place I go to be with my FUREVER OHANA.