This sweet 10 y/o girl found herself homeless through no fault of her own.  Ripley is
housetrained and crate trained  She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster
home and has her favorites to play with.  She recently figured out that chasing squirrels
is a lot of fun and is enjoying the fenced in back yard.

When Ripley came in to the rescue she needed to lose some weight and so far has lost
5 pounds.  It’s a good thing she loves her walks because her new owner will need to
continue her daily activity and green bean diet in order to lose a few more.  She likes to
track during her walks and if she sees or smells a squirrel, hold on tight!

Like most Bassets, Ripley loves food and will try to countersurf.  One of the cute things
she does is during crate time or bedtime....she covers herself up with a blanket.  Ripley
would love to snuggle up in her new home...maybe yours?
Ripley in her blanket