Hi! My name is Martha and I am 4 years old. My other place used me for breeding so I didn't get much
socialization when I was young. I'm afraid of strangers and loud noises at first.  I am learning what it is
like when people are nice to me. I get along just fine with the other bassets that I live with. I am
learning to play with toys, which seems like fun.

My foster family tells me what a good girl I am for working very hard on house training and I am doing
really well with it. I know how to use a doggy door. I'm not much of a barker, but I do whine a little when
my foster family leaves me in the house or goes outside. I'm learning to walk on a leash and not be
afraid of everything. It's hard, but I am doing my best.

I am looking for my forever home where people will be nice to me and love on me.  I would prefer a low
activity household because quick movements and unknown noises scare me. I am what they call a
"blue Basset." Please consider adopting me. I am told that I am a very sweet and good girl!