Because of Lila's heartbreaking survival story of being abandoned and living under a porch for
two years, she was crowned Waddle Queen of 2018.  Not all of our rescues are given up
because they have issues.  Some just have bad owners.  Lila wore her crown proudly and
represented all the homeless bassets who need another chance at a loving home.  There are
more pictures on the home page of our website.

Lila loves leisurely walks and is good on leash.  She does well with the other bassets and non-
bassets in her foster home.  She also did very well at the Waddle with all the other bassets. She
can be a little "standoffish" when meeting new dogs but will get over it very quickly. She is
house trained and will enter a crate for a cookie but she really doesn’t need one.
Lila's medical needs were obviously neglected.  She was diagnosed with Heartworm,
Hookworms and Ehrlichia.  Further testing revealed Cushings and the other treatments had to
wait until that was stabilized.  She will be on medication the rest of life, but that won't stop her
from making her senior years, the best years!  She has shown no ill effects from her other
treatments and loves being in a home environment. She may get a little anxious when you leave
at first, but that is understandable considering she was left behind.

Lila is 10 y/o and has arthritis, so a home on one level would be ideal or just a couple of steps
to the outside. She feels good and is a happy girl and would be an ideal companion for the right
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue