Buck & Bear
4 year old Buck and 6 year old Bear are a beautiful bonded pair of boys.

Because of family medical situation, the owners needed to rehome them, not by
choice.  Well loved, socialized and vetted, these two get along well with other dogs,
ignore cats, and will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Buck, at 47 pounds, is a lovely red and white, and Bear, at 87 pounds, is strikingly
beautiful with his black and white, with lots of black ticking.  While Bear loves children
of all ages, Bear would be better with children who are a in the 5-6 range.  

They are friendly with everyone they meet.  They are HT, crate trained, but do not
need a crate, and are used to sleeping in their owner’s bedroom on their own doggy

Bear does startle-snap if suddenly awakened, and does need to be muzzled at vets,
because of a fear of being hurt, as his first toe nail clipping was a horrible experience
with several nails cut too short, and he still has reservations about what is going to
happen at the vets.

They love to cuddle and are very affectionate.  More soon as the foster home
becomes better acquainted with them.