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It's all about the dogs
Just like Stitch in the movie Lilo and Stitch, I am looking for my “OHANA”. In case you don’t
know OHANA means family in Hawaiian. Ok…I’m not Hawaiian, but like Stitch from the
Disney movie, I am active and curious and seek acceptance.  I tend to get frightened of
men and the unknown – but I am learning.

In the past I came from a home with older folks so I have not been around young children.
Since I am a bit skittish at times, maybe it would be best if my OHANA was one with older
teenagers or even just a new Mom or Dad. My Foster Mom says I am a good boy (most of
the time) and she is very pleased that I am completely potty trained! I like to be near her
but I don’t get in her way – I just want to know what she is doing.  I like to play with toys
and do not chew things I am not supposed to.

My Foster Mom tells me to slow down when I eat because I can inhale a cup of food in less
than 3 minutes. She says she may need to get me a “special” bowl…I wonder what that
means??? I also have a bit of a problem with being too focused on food and sometimes
snap at my 2 Foster brothers when it is food or treat time, so I am fed around the corner. I’
m glad I still eat near them because I get along with my Foster brothers alright; I just love
food so much and get too excited!!

So that’s my story. If you would like to meet me please call those great people at GABR
and tell them!  I want my next place I go to be with my FUREVER OHANA.
June Bug
This adorable, friendly and sweet girl is Miss Bella. She came to GABR because her owner
needed to go to assisted living. We were here for her and she has proved to be a very
resilient girl who adores any and all attention, and absolutely loves her belly rubs. Although
she is 10 years old, she still likes to prance around the yard with her doggy friends whom
she is wonderful with. She is house-trained and crate trained although crating is not
necessary as she is a good girl and doesn’t get into anything.

Check back soon as we learn more about this special and beautiful girl who is waiting for her
forever home to come and find her.
If only dogs could talk!

Perhaps then 8 year old Scooter could tell us why he came to be found as a stray, suffering from a
hernia that badly needed attention, and why he is so fearful of crates and confinement.   

We do know that he at one time had been well cared for and has house manners. He knows “sit”,
“lay down”, and is house trained.  He does not counter surf or  beg at the table.  He desperately
wants to be with people, and seems to love all people he meets.  He does not jump on people
when greeting them. We know he absolutely hates the crate, becomes desperate to escape, and
even when confined to a room alone, will bark and howl for someone to be  with him.  

When he came into rescue, it was found that some of his teeth were worn down and some even
fractured, from trying to chew his way out of a crating situation, such that he had to have calming
medications to stay confined at the clinic.  

Once in his foster home and with people, he was calm as long as he was with the family.  As long
as his bed was on the floor next to his human's bed, he would go right to sleep, where he would
stay until morning when they got up.  

When left on his own in the house, he roamed the house, but did not get into anything or chew on
anything.  Instead he watched out the picture window for them to return.  He is definitely a
companion dog who wants to be with his people whenever he can.

He gets along with the family chihuahua, who is a submissive dog, but does not like very large
dogs.  He loves riding in the car, and is a great traveler who will settle right down in the back seat.

If you are looking for a velcro dog for a companion, Scooter is your dog.  He is content to just be
with you, wherever you are.  For the price of sharing your life with him, he will give you many hours
of loyalty and love.
William and Debra Williams
Richard Krueger
Lori Beth