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It's all about the dogs
Buck & Bear
Sheba is a sweet 10 yo girl who came to GABR almost 1 year ago.  She was given up
because her family moved and she was tied outside to a doghouse, she was not allowed in
the house.  She was so afraid and confused, not knowing what was happening to her.  And,
add to all of this, Sheba is deaf, has Cushings disease and has a little arthritis.

Sheba has blossomed since joining her foster home.  At first, she was too scared to go
outside, probably worried she would not be allowed back inside, but all that has changed.  
She is in and out all the time and enjoys the smells of the yard.

Sheba loves to eat, sleep, go for walks and admire herself in the mirror.  Her deafness is
not a problem; she understands hand signals and knows the household routine, and on the
positive side, she is not afraid of thunder, fireworks or the vacuum cleaner.  

Although Sheba lives with 3 foster siblings, it took her quite a while to adjust to them.  She
would be happiest as an only dog, but it's not a must.

Sheba is house trained, crate trained, does not get on the furniture, counter-surf or beg at
the table.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion and a loving shadow, Sheba is the right girl for
Because of Lila's heartbreaking survival story of being abandoned and living under a porch for
two years, she was crowned Waddle Queen of 2018.  Not all of our rescues are given up
because they have issues.  Some just have bad owners.  Lila wore her crown proudly and
represented all the homeless bassets who need another chance at a loving home.  There are
more pictures on the home page of our website.

Lila loves leisurely walks and is good on leash.  She does well with the other bassets and non-
bassets in her foster home.  She also did very well at the Waddle with all the other bassets. She
can be a little "standoffish" when meeting new dogs but will get over it very quickly. She is
housetrained and will enter a crate for a cookie but she really doesn’t need one.
Lila's medical needs were obviously neglected.  She was diagnosed with Heartworm,
Hookworms and Ehrlichia.  Further testing revealed Cushings and the other treatments had to
wait until that was stabilized.  She will be on medication the rest of life, but that won't stop her
from making her senior years, the best years!  She has shown no ill effects from her other
treatments and loves being in a home environment. She may get a little anxious when you leave
at first, but that is understandable considering she was left behind.

Lila is 10 y/o and has arthritis, so a home on one level would be ideal or just a couple of steps
to the outside. She feels good and is a happy girl and would be an ideal companion for the right
As you can see, Fred is a gorgeous 4 y/o boy weighing in at 57 lbs.  He's had 2 owners in his
short life and not a very good beginning.  His first owners neglected him and kept him outside.  
When his breeder found out, she took him back and adopted him out again.  By that time he was
1 y/o.  He had developed separation anxiety and followed his humans everywhere in the house
and wasn't fully house trained.  Naturally they felt sorry for him and gave him privileges like sitting
on the sofa, etc.  They also felt Fred needed a companion to help with his anxiety, so they
adopted a female basset.  Fred wasn't interested in her attention and would get jealous.  He got
territorial while sitting next to his owner on the sofa when the small granddaughter reached for
him, he snapped at her, and it was time for him to go again.

When you first meet Fred, he is a little hesitant, but it doesn't take him long to want to sit in your
lap and own you.  We feel it would be best to adopt him out as an only dog to an owner who has
the time and experience to help Fred with his trust and anxiety issues.  Outside of the home, Fred
seems to be fine with other dogs...just not in the home.

Once he is in the right home, he will be a wonderful companion.  Fred deserves that chance in life.
Melody is a sweet little girl of about 9 years who came to us about a month ago, and she has been
staying with one of our foster families.  Melody’s owner had taken another job and could no longer
provide the love and attention she desperately needs.  After having a non-cancerous growth
removed from her leg, she was spayed and treated for a bladder infection.

Melody loves her crate, rumples her blanket, and makes herself comfy in there when she’s not
running the basset trails in the backyard with her foster brother.  For her age, Melody is amazingly
quick, limber, and agile, and can keep pace with a Golden Retriever. She had a “melodious” voice,
for sure, and perhaps where she got her name.

Melody warms up to a larger dog after they work out their pecking order, but will try to horde all the
attention.  We haven’t any cats or children, so can't say how she will do around them.  That said,
she has never shown aggression toward her humans or strangers, choosing caution instead.  She
will protect her food from another dog, but I can reach into her bowl while she is eating without her
reacting at all.

Melody is a very “soft” dog, very hand-shy, and does not respond to harsh words or loud voices --
they make her coil-up in fear.  But she is never too tired, hungry, or otherwise busy to stop for
tummy-rubs.  If you’ve rubbed her tummy once, all you need is to just stop and look at her and she
will immediately roll-over in anticipation.

Melody will do best in a home where she can lots of love & attention.  Although we do all we can to
keep her off the furniture, she will climb up onto furniture if left on her own. She loves crawling up
onto your lap and making herself available to all the love you will have to share with her.
Bear at 6 y/o and Buck at 4 y/o are not related, but are bonded as though they were brothers,
plus they look out for each other.  So we felt it was best to keep them together.

They're very sweet and affectionate boys.  They love to cuddle and both think they are lap dogs!  
Because they forget how big they are, older children would be ideal.  Neither one likes to be
"home alone".  Bear does not like or need a crate, but Buck will have to be crated (will go in for a
treat) because he's been known to have accidents if you're not home to let him out.  Both boys
are fed in their crates and sleep in their human's bedroom on doggy beds.

Buck, at 47 pounds, is a lovely red and white, and Bear, at 87 pounds, is strikingly beautiful with
his black and white, with lots of black ticking. Their foster home is working on their counter surfing
and Bear's extra drinking out of the toilet.  Put all lids down!

Bear does startle-snap if suddenly awakened and needs to be muzzled at vets, or groomers due
to past trauma. Neither one likes cats, so a cat-free home is a must.  Buck and Bear love to play
outside and go for walks.  They are good boys and respond well to positive attention and praise.

Get double the love and have double the fun with Buck and Bear!
Diane and Jerry Elbin