We are excited to add a wine pull to our event this year. We know wine is hard to ship so we want to make this as simple
as possible for you. We’ve created this page so you are able to make a donation of a virtual bottle of wine or two. It’s easy!

Simply chose $15 for one bottle or $20 for two and check the appropriate box.
We are also looking for (4) people to donate $100. This will be used for our bonus bottles that include a $100 bill or expensive bottle of wine.

Wine Pull FAQ’s:
-We are looking for 75-100 bottles donated virtually. We’ll keep the page updated so you know where we are at.
-We’ve partnered with local wineries and Binnie’s Beverage to provide us with quality wine at a discount. So your
donation will go even further and every winner that night is assured a quality bottle of wine.
-The evening of the event each bottle will be bagged so no one knows exactly what they are getting or if they are a winner
of one of the bonus bottles. Designations will be made as to if the wine is red or white.

For additional information please contact the chair of our auction at:
"New Beginnings start with Second Chances"