Look at those ears!

You would never guess by looking at this beautiful, dignified and calm girl that she only got to her second
chance at life with GABR after a very “long haul”

Found as a stray and determined to be about 10, she was taken to a shelter in Texas. They had no room
and asked for GABR’s help.  After a long drive, she arrived at Dwight only to discover that she had a nasty
skin infection from severe flea infestation, plus a mass in her abdomen area.  The mass turned out to be a
Hematoma on her spleen which was surgically removed.  Since then Treasure has felt SO much better and
her skin is improving each day!

She is finally in her foster home.  Everyone who has dealt with her during her long stay with the vet and
her foster home agrees, she is loving and sweet and a delight to work with.

Stay tuned for more information about Treasure and more pictures from her foster home as she settles in!