Sheba is a 9 year old, deaf girl that was left outside, tied to a dog house, because of a divorce and a move.

She was a very scared little girl when GABR rescued her, didnt know what was happening.

Sheba is now loving life in her foster home, but it took almost one month for her to feel comfortable.  She is
crate trained, gets along with her foster brothers and sister, and is mostly house trained.  She sometimes
needs to be coaxed out the door, because she is probably afraid that she will not be allowed back in the
house.  She has learned hand signals, and understands everything.  She is not afraid of storms, vacuum
cleaners or fireworks.

Sheba is a wonderful girl who loves to be hugged and likes to go for walks. She will be a wonderful addition
to your home, she just needs a litle time to settle in and become comfortable, then her tail will be wagging
and she will be following you all around the house.