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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
Serving Illinois, Indiana and the St. Louis, Mo. area

I absolutely love taking naps and snuggling with my Foster parents.  When I’m not sleeping I love to
get them to run with me when we’re outside, but I do walk well on leash.  I would rather not be left
alone in a room because I like to follow my Foster parents around.  I do like my crate filled with
blankies they gave me and I haven’t pottied in it, or in the house at all!

I get along with other dogs but I don’t think I’ve ever met a kitty, so I don’t know how I would do with
them.  I’m friendly to everyone I meet, and have no preference between men or women. I’m not sure if I’
ve met children before, so I don’t know how I’ll act, but I bet I wouldn’t mind them.  I’m gentle and
loving, but I don’t have very good manners when it comes to people food. My previous owners let me
counter surf, so my Foster parents are working with me on that. I’m learning but the people food smells
are just SO TEMPTING! I’m sure I’ll learn my manners though if my new home keeps working with me.

I  like food so much I try to take my foster brother's food and he doesn't like to share.  So I need to be
separated during feeding time in order to keep the peace.  I can sit on command and I know "got
outside" or "go potty". My Foster parents are working with me to "say please" for my treats. I see my
Foster Brother doing it for his treats, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

I. LOVE. THE. CAR! If you ask me to "go buh-bye" I run to my leash and bounce around like crazy. I
just love to sit in the front seat and look out the windshield. I really hope my new family loves rides too
and will give me lots of kisses...I love them too!!