“Drama, drama, drama!”  That’s what describes my life lately.

I was a relatively happy, if underfed and ignored 10 year old red and white basset girl, living in a
typical chaotic middle class home, when all of a sudden my human family had to “downsize.”  That
meant I had to find a new place to live.  So off to a strange animal hopital! There, after one quick
goodbye to my chunky canine brother, they put a mask over my nose, and I woke up later with funny
feeling teeth and a few scars from where they’d removed some skin lumps.

Boy did I feel dopey and confused!  An odd looking man who was very excited and whose name was
Don picked me up and took me home to stay in his house with a bunch of GABR rescue bassets.  I
slept in a soft chair there for a couple of days and it was nice.  I pooped on Don’s carpet because I
was still recovering from the operation but he didn’t yell at me or anything, he just got out a big
machine and poured out a lot of chemicals every where.

Don got all teary-eyed one day soon after and gave me to a lady named Ann who smelled like a big
bouquet of flowers.  She took me to her house to stay with her basset Otis who is also a GABR
rescue.  Ann now takes me to work at her flower shop nearly every day and I critique her art.  That’s
lots of fun.  At home I sleep in Ann’s bed or in her mother’s bed, I can’t decide which one I like best.  I
am very limber/agile so it is no trouble to jump right up and find the softest pillows.

Ann takes me for walks outside and it is nice to stretch my short legs and get so much attention.  She
also feeds me as much as I want to eat as I am rather thin.  It is a lovely feeling to be full, don’t you

I love all people and other dogs; I crave attention and cuddles.  I am house trained too of course.  I
have not been around cats but I am not aggressive at all so it is unlikely that I would turn into a
raving beast around these creatures.  I am wonderful with children as they were an integral part of
my past life.

Now I am happy living in downtown St. Louis, but my final destiny yet awaits.  I am excited when I think
about the family who will see my picture, read my story, and decide that I am the basset for them.  
Maybe You are the one I will live with Forever!