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Thunder II
She's two dogs in one and will warm your heart from the start! Franny,
aka Fawn, has the face of a Beagle and the body of a basset! Franny is
at least six year old who is black and white with touches of brown! She's
house-broken, crate-trained, and learned the doggie door in 24 hours!  

While a little guarded with other dogs when it comes to food, she's not
an obsessive barker nor a counter cruiser. Franny also doesn't get on
ANY furniture but loves her pillow bed in front of the fireplace! She has
to lose a few more pounds, but nothing good walking won't handle.
She's already lost 12 lbs!   

Franny also takes one thyroid pill with her breakfast each day. Her diet
consists of a cup of "light food" twice a day! With the cute face of a
beagle and the legs and body of a basset, Franny is bound to please
the dog-lover in anyone!
I have the privilege today to introduce to all of you Basset Hound lovers out there good
ole 8 year old Bubba!  Now I bet you can guess just from his name what he is like:  a
big, cuddly, easy-going, "not-the-first-hound-out-of-the-kennel" type of pooch ... well,
that's where he's got you fooled right off!

He's a drop-dead gorgeous, healthy tri-colored basset with a winning deep bark, but
he's a tricky devil, it's true, and he needs a strong leader with a sense of humor and
very firm determination.  That is the only kind of master who will be able to enjoy a
fabulous and entertaining life with "The Bubba."

He is beautifully "put together", always posed as if on cue for picture taking. You'd
think he would never be naughty!  When he fancies a treat, he gives his paw with a
winning, soft look that melts your heart!  He rolls over for a belly rubs and invites you to
stroke his soft fur ... but watch out!! here "The Bubba" is testing you!
If you are a timid person or like to spoil your basset, "The Bubba" is apt to take over
and do what he wants.  He'll show you who's boss by "talking back" and refusing to go
into his crate at the appropriate time. His foster mom was a little intimidated at first by
his behavior,  but as soon as she asked her canine police friend for assistance,
Bubba politely obeyed.  All it takes, it seems, for "The Bubba" to behave is for him to
be convinced that you have a stronger will than he has and to keep a straight face
when he pulls his antics.

Because "The Bubba" is so cantankerous, he will be receiving special sessions in
the upcoming weeks from a highly respected trainer in the St. Louis area.  (We hope
that his Foster Mom will not require counseling as well!)  "The Bubba" needs to work,
but is improving already on his house training (due to his disdain for the crate) and
probably will need to be an only dog in a house without children.  We do not know how
"The Bubba" would react around a cat but we are not overly optimistic.

Please stay tuned to the further adventures of "The Bubba" and see if GABR can make
this hound dog see reason.  It is all for his own good !
“Drama, drama, drama!”  That’s what describes my life lately.

I was a relatively happy, if underfed and ignored 10 year old red and white basset girl,
living in a typical chaotic middle class home, when all of a sudden my human family
had to “downsize.”  That meant I had to find a new place to live.  So off to a strange
animal hopital! There, after one quick goodbye to my chunky canine brother, they put
a mask over my nose, and I woke up later with funny feeling teeth and a few scars
from where they’d removed some skin lumps.

Boy did I feel dopey and confused!  An odd looking man who was very excited and
whose name was Don picked me up and took me home to stay in his house with a
bunch of GABR rescue bassets.  I slept in a soft chair there for a couple of days and
it was nice.  I pooped on Don’s carpet because I was still recovering from the
operation but he didn’t yell at me or anything, he just got out a big machine and
poured out a lot of chemicals every where.

Don got all teary-eyed one day soon after and gave me to a lady named Ann who
smelled like a big bouquet of flowers.  She took me to her house to stay with her
basset Otis who is also a GABR rescue.  Ann now takes me to work at her flower
shop nearly every day and I critique her art.  That’s lots of fun.  At home I sleep in Ann’
s bed or in her mother’s bed, I can’t decide which one I like best.  I am very
limber/agile so it is no trouble to jump right up and find the softest pillows.

Ann takes me for walks outside and it is nice to stretch my short legs and get so
much attention.  She also feeds me as much as I want to eat as I am rather thin.  It is
a lovely feeling to be full, don’t you think?

I love all people and other dogs; I crave attention and cuddles.  I am house trained
too of course.  I have not been around cats but I am not aggressive at all so it is
unlikely that I would turn into a raving beast around these creatures.  I am wonderful
with children as they were an integral part of my past life.

Now I am happy living in downtown St. Louis, but my final destiny yet awaits.  I am
excited when I think about the family who will see my picture, read my story, and
decide that I am the basset for them.  Maybe You are the one I will live with Forever!
Hi Everyone!   My name is Luke, and my foster mom says I am a
handsome 8 year old boy.  I have settled into my foster home quite well
and am now enjoying the change of season!  There are two other basset
hounds that live in this house - they are my pals, and we enjoy chasing
and roughhousing together.  After playing, I enjoy a nice rest on the
couch or the floor.   I’m not too picky when it comes to nap time.

During the day, I stay crated while my foster parents go to work.  I am
perfectly house trained, though: just the other day my foster parents left
me out of the crate for a few hours and I didn't have an accident or
anything!  OK, I did move a few objects around the house, but that's not
such a big deal, is it?

It's true, I have a curious nature and can't help peeking over the kitchen
counter when I smell something extra yummy.  My foster mom nudges my
paws, and then I get right back into line!  I haven't actually snatched any
food yet, I guess I'm not as fast as I look.

Despite my minor flaws, my foster parents are really attached to me.  
They even let me sleep in bed with them at night!  I think I would make a
great addition to just about any family interested in basset hounds,
although my foster family hasn't observed me around human children
and cats.

It's true that I am 8 years old, but I still have plenty of love to give. I hope
to hear my foster mom talking about a forever home soon. She assures
me that I am a good boy and will find a terrific family that appreciates my
truly fine qualities.
There I was, a 9 year old basset sleeping peacefully on some dank barn
hay, when I heard a strange “click.”  I  lifted a heavily-wrinkled eye brow
and stared straight into the wrong end of a rifle.  “Thunder,”  I thought,
“you’ve drooled your last dribble.”

Just then a wild looking lady I call the Angel of Mercy whacked the rifle
man upside the head and said a bunch of unmentionable words.  She
grabbed me by my ratty collar, hoisted my rear into the back of a pickup,
and next thing you know I was under the merciful care of Guardian Angel
Basset Rescue.

Wow did I land on all four of my giant paws!  I learned quickly what
“inside” meant, and the vets in Belleville, IL, gave me medicine to stop my
ears from throbbing.  They also dosed me up to thin out my bile and to
top it off deprived me of my male parts (!) including my infected scrotal
skin that was dragging on the ground.  Today I feel like a new hound dog
and I like it!

Now I stay with a very nice foster mom and her grandson.  He is my very
special 3 year old pal and gives me hugs and kisses on my big black
nose.  I love all human attention in fact and sleep in bed with with my
foster mom.

There are lots of other dogs here at my foster home.  I am content usually
observing their antics from afar on the couch.  I am the perfect gentleman
and work hard on my potty training; I get it right about 90% of the time.  
My foster mom doesn’t crate me, and I have no accidents at night.  No
one has ever seen me around cats.

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue has saved my life once, won’t you help
me out yet again and offer me a forever home?  My foster mom says I am
lovable, loyal and true.   I will be forever grateful if you let Thunder be
your number one pal!
Jim and Jen Mosinski