It's all about the dogs
I took Bubba in as a foster from another foster home because he was being a brat. Bubba arrived
at my house and he didn't seem to be difficult. It took about an hour and Bubba decided to act out.
This went on for weeks and then he started to turn around as he started to trust me. I never gave
up on Bubba. Bubba turned out to be the most loving and affectionate basset anyone could want.
He was a beautiful basset who didn't age. In April of 2016 Bubba went paralyzed but with
medication and confinement to a crate he was able to walk again. He was a little wobbly but at
least he could walk and he loved his walks! A year later Bubba became ill and went to the Rainbow
Bridge on May 3, 2017 at 12 1/2 years old. Run free bubbaboo we miss you!

Rhonda and Pat
In August of 2005, this beautiful basset boy came flopping up to my front door with his foster
parents and it was love at first sight. I had intended to adopt a female, but GABR sold me on
this sweet boy. Ever since, Winston added so much joy, love, and laughter to our home and will
be forever missed. We love you, Winston P. Churchill!

Much Love & Sloppy Kisses,
Mommy, Zach, & Jake
Nelson started his journey into our home and into our hearts in 2004.  He was found wandering the streets
of Bolcow Missouri and he is now on his final journey across the Rainbow Bridge (July 19)

He was part of our home for 14 years and we no longer can experience the joy of taking him on walks,
watching him guard his backyard territory, digging in the mulch to hide bones, or even of his basking for a
nap in the sun shining through the parlor windows.

In June it was determined that he had bladder cancer.  The vet recommended "quality of life" treatment of
chemo and medication. Nelson was a fighter and his spirit was willing to wage war against this terrible
disease but his body could not tolerate the toll of treatment and of old age. We made the decision to end
treatment and held his frail body as he took his last breath.

He no longer feels pain and is probably happy playing with his brother Willie who crossed the bridge 2 years
ago.  But our pain has just started and the house is so empty.  The tears flow freely wherever we look.  I do
not think that even time will heal this wound.  But Nelson is now our "Guardian Angel.."


Carl and Camille Munson
Miley passed away today after a long struggle with an eye infection and cyst under tongue, she
was a great dog, with love and hellos to everyone she met, she loved her family of 7 grandkids,
and was a trooper to the end, she will be so missed our hearts are breaking, adopting a Bassett is
like adopting love, joy and laughter, greatest gift ever .

You were they greatest sweetest stubornous dog we even had the privilege of calling my fur baby,
you loved to walk with dad but it was always your way, always as long as you wanted, and if dad
stopped to talk, as long as the person petted you, talk on, all you favorite places are missing you
this am, in front of the stove where you were close to the food, your chair, and my heart. You
loved to travel to Florida every winter, it was great to see all the other dogs and bark your
wonderful howl, and talk to me and tell me all about your walk who you had seen and who had
given you a treat. You were sick 9months with a cyst under you tongue and it infected you eye till
we had to take it out which got infected and we just couldn't keep you with us anymore, it wasn't
fair to you, We miss you more than words can ever say, love you Miley Jo the prettiest girl I know,

Osborn Family