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It's all about the dogs
Gordon is a beautiful 10 y/o who's owner passed away and found himself in a shelter
afterwards.  He was not only stressed from the situation and loss, but he
had a severe flea infestation and arthritis to combat.  You can see in the pictures that he now
has a shiny, thick coat thanks to the excellent care of his Foster Mom.  His Foster home has
other bassets that he's been trying to adjust to, but truthfully, he would be best as an only

We think Gordon must have been very protective of his former owner due to the fact that he
barks and growls when a visitor comes to the door.  However he has never been aggressive.
He's house
trained, crate trained and prefers human females in the home.  Gordon needs
another chance to be happy.
Spot is an excellent 12 y/o companion.  He was an outside dog and his owners were moving
so they gave him to a MO no-kill shelter.  He had spent a lot of time there when we heard
about him.  No one was interested in a 12 y/o.  But we couldn't pass up this beautiful lemon
and white boy who's beautiful on the inside too!

Spot is entirely house
trained and loves his crate.  He really doesn't need it, but will go in
when his Foster Mom goes to work and at bedtime.  He gets along very well with his foster
siblings and likes to follow his human around the house.  He's not food aggressive at all and
can beg for treats with the best of them...especially if it smells like peanut butter!

Spot has no problems riding in the car and in fact loves it as long as he gets a little boost.  
His health is good and to help keep it that way, he would appreciate a home with as few steps
as possible.

We hope you see the beauty in Spot like we did.  He'll give you many laughs and
unconditional love.
Meet 9 year old Kenny!  The  GABR King for the  2017 Waddle.   This boy is super sweet.  
He is very social and engaging.  He loves everyone and other dogs.   We don't know about
cats and small kids.  He's playful and has a great personality    He enjoys a stroll around
the block and walks well on leash.  He's house trained and doesn't need a crate.  His
favorite toy is his Foster Mom's socks.  He just likes to carry them around, not destroy!

Kenny came in with a severe flea infestation and he still needs meds, a weekly bath and
extra meals so he can gain a couple more pounds.  Kenny would love a playmate and a
yard to run the basset 500 with, not to mention a human to adore


Sarge is a 4 y/o owner surrender due to divorce.  Sarge is recovering from his neuter
and having 3 huge fatty tumors removed from his back.  He is known to be good with
other dogs, loves kids, housetrained, but no cat experience. He's a very loving,
handsome boy and is enjoying his time with his Foster Dad!

More information to follow.
Sheba is a 9 year old, deaf girl that was left outside, tied to a dog house, because of a divorce
and a move.

She was a very scared little girl when GABR rescued her, didnt know what was happening.

Sheba is now loving life in her foster home, but it took almost one month for her to feel
comfortable.  She is crate trained, gets along with her foster brothers and sister, and is mostly
house trained.  She sometimes needs to be coaxed out the door, because she is probably
afraid that she will not be allowed back in the house.  She has learned hand signals, and
understands everything.  She is not afraid of storms, vacuum cleaners or fireworks.

Sheba is a wonderful girl who loves to be hugged and likes to go for walks. She will be a
wonderful addition to your home, she just needs a litle time to settle in and become
comfortable, then her tail will be wagging and she will be following you all around the house.
If you are looking for a beautiful, well mannered, and loving basset girl, look no further.  Shelby is
your dog!  Returned to GABR when her owner passed away, she is completely house trained,
does not need to be crated, and gets along with other dogs and cats alike.
Not a noisy dog, she only barks when playing with other dogs, or occasionally  to tattle on one of
her foster sisters if they are blocking the doggie door, to let us know she wants in the back door!  

Very much a cuddle bug with the softest coat you have ever seen, she adores being loved on.  
Playful with toys, you would not guess she is 9, from her actions.  Not a jumper, her back legs are
a little weak, and she should not do stairs.

Shelby has been a delight to foster, with absolutely no problems, but she really needs her forever
loving home.