In March of 2011 I went on a search for rescue organizations to add another basset to my home.  
Had a tri-color basset that was a year old I'd gotten as a puppy, and decided it would be nice to find
her a sister and help out a homeless dog too.  I'm so thankful to have found GABR during my on line
girls I saw on the GABR website.  Speaking with her one day she said "I do have a girl I'm fostering,
haven't gotten info on website yet."  She sent me pictures of Strudel.  "Oh my, what a beautiful girl" I
thought.  After getting all Strudel's details we set up a time to meet in Casey, IL, and off I went with
Daisy in tow.  Meeting Strudel and seeing how much she and Daisy got along, decided she was the
one for us.  She had been turned back in to GABR because of destructive behavior and potty
issues.  She was crated for the first couple months when I was gone.  After that two month adjustment
period, she stayed out for a few hours.  Strudel has not been destructive or had potty issues since
she came to her forever home.  All she needed was love, routine, and to know she was with us to
stay forever.  She does not spend any of her time in a crate, it's all couch time for her.  She and I
have a special bond, she's my lap dog and cuddles next to me when it's bed time.  Seeing Strudel
and Daisy play in their fenced back yard is such a beautiful sight.  They lay in the sun on nice days
and enjoy life the way a hound dog should.  Strudel has been with us just over a year now, and each
day is a blessing.

Dogs can overcome issues with a little love and patience.  If you are considering adopting a basset
hound from GABR, it's a wonderful idea!  There are so many great dogs that need forever homes.

Stephanie Hastings
Hello GABR,

We are so happy to have found out about GABR three years ago. We adopted a loving basset named Ted
on Memorial Day 2009. He has brought us so much love and joy these past few years. We truly feel blessed.
After having adopted Ted, I would receive emails from GABR about new arrivals. There was one email last
Spring that caught my eye. I forwarded the email to my husband & when he got home, I asked him what he
thought about the dogs that had just arrived. He said, "I think the one in the center, top row looks just like
Ted." We have so much love to give that I really pushed for us getting a second dog. My husband said it was
okay to contact Fran about this dog named Porter, but that we couldn't get a second dog unless he was
Ted's brother. After having spoken to Porter's foster mom and finding out where he had grown up, which
was not that far from Ted, I asked her when his birthday was, and low and behold, she said July 15, 2005,
the same day as Ted. We are so happy GABR has reunited these brothers. Thank you GABR.

Attached is a picture of the boys that my husband took for my birthday this year. Ted is the one on the left &
Porter the right.


Jen Sans (Wilson)
Ted & Porter
Ted & Porter
Adoption date 7-24-12

Murphy (aka Ryder) has been with us for about a month or so now and our life has never been better.  Murphy
is the sweetest & most loving dog.  He’s adapted to his new home and to us right away.  He loves everyone and
everyone loves him. He loves to go on walks with us, but is usually just content as long as he is being petted or
sleeping.  Murph is exactly the laid back Bassett we were looking for!

Thank you Valerie for recommending we look at Murphy’s (aka Ryder’s) profile-he certainly lived up to it-laid
back, loving, great with everyone (he doesn’t even mind when the mail man comes to the door!).  We would
also like to thank the Anderson’s for giving him a loving home until he came to his forever home.

Chuck, Mary Jo, and Murphy Rolfe  =)
Murphy (aka Ryder)
snuggle up to her when she is sleeping.  

She must have been used for hunting in her younger days as she is so excited to wear a shock collar it
shocks me.  She gets all excited, sits and waits for it to be put on and then waits for me to take her outside.  It
didn't take long to train her the boundaries of the property as she didn't enjoy the nip and comes back home
if the beep on the collar goes off now.  But she remains slim and trim, muscular like an athlete and enjoys her
new life.  From her socializing skills, she must have been well treated as she loves everybody and everybody
loves her.  I just got her GPS tracking device to keep tabs on her on the property as well. Just open my I
phone and can locate her which works out well, especially when she is out hunting.  It will send a message if
she exceeds the boundaries.

Ginger indeed has been a joy and surprisingly has taken to the cats.  However, she still thinks she is the
Boss, but needless to say, the big older cat Milo rules.

I will continue to check the website for dogs in the future.  Life is easy right now as Ginger is well adjusted to
knowing the rules and run of the land.  It takes time and patience and a lot of love to get them where they
can be trusted.

Enjoy the photos.

James L. Loomis

Hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since we brought this little girl home to be our family “Energizer
Bunny.”  We’ve adopted basset kids before, but they’ve always been on the slightly more “mature” side,
preferring couch time to long brisk walks in the neighborhood.  Not our Lizzie!  We are shedding pounds and
re-discovering our own circulation systems thanks to this little sweetheart.  

Lizzie’s getting along fine with our geriatric Bichon Mikey, and has met most of her neighbors, always a bit shy
at first, but terribly happy to know she has such a big support group.  It didn’t take her long to find out every
nook and cranny of our fenced yard, and for some strange reason, the squirrels are not very pleased with
our new addition.  Now that she’s on the job, they get a lot less bird seed for breakfast….  

Although it wasn’t much, she just had her first experience of snow, and took it well in stride.  This cold white
stuff adds that extra something to her chewing sticks, which she really wants to bring into the house.  
Meanwhile, she enjoys sharing couch and chair time with us, especially watching mysteries.  Lizzie truly loves
her bones and stuffed animals, but occasionally likes to remodel (she would really love to give our stair rails
that “distressed” look!), and her beds and throw rugs are never quite where she would like them to be.  

This sweetheart has put the biggest smiles on our faces, and certainly added considerable activity to our
lives.  She is so happy, shares so much, and doesn’t seem to mind that we are constantly giving her kisses
and hugs at all.  After the recent passing of Penny, and Sophie before that, Liz reminds us that today is the
most important thing, and there are too many new things to discover to be blue.  Karen and I would like you
all to know that Lizzie’s foster Mom, Jan, did a fantastic job of nurturing her, and we are looking forward to
spending many years giving Lizzie tons of love, in return for all of the unconditional joy she brings us.

Thanks Jan, and GABR friends one and all!

John & Karen Culp!
Lizzie  (aka Ladybug)
Last April we lost our beloved basset buddy Flash due to old age. We had him since a pup and our hearts
were just broken. A friend of ours had previously adopted from GABR so occasionally we would look at the
too empty.

In December we decided we would seriously consider adopting from GABR and put in an application. We
then worked with Jan on finding a basset that would fit our home in that we have a big family and
grandchildren in and out. Then one day talking to Jan she suggested a boy named Gus who just came in. I
opened the e-mail and our hearts just melted. We just had to be Gus's forever home. Sharon Moore, Gus's
foster family was the greatest sending pictures and updates on him until arrangements were made to pick
him up. We brought Gus home and he has settled right in, you would never know we had gotten him just a
week ago.He has so much love to give and we have it to give back.

I would suggest to anyone who is looking for a pet to try a rescue. Thank You GABR for allowing us to be
Gus's forever home!

The Miller Family
Buster Douglas.  I thought if we got another pet, in some way we would be replacing Buster in hearts. In fact,
adopting Addie helped the pain our family felt.  My daughter had adopted my Grand-dogs, Nora and Norbert
from GABR and we had grown to love them and their creative ways of thinking.

One day,  I was checking out the available adoptions on the site and I saw Addie with Santa Claus. I knew
she was the one for us or we were the one for her!  Addie had experienced a broken elbow repair in
October 2012 with the removal of the hardware in the joint in December.  I kept in contact with her special
foster Mom, Annette Bernath about Addie's progress.  In January 2013, we were to meet Addie with her
foster parents at my daughter's home in the Chicago area.  I was under the impression that is was only a
meet and greet.  The night before we went, I found out from Annette that if everything went ok meeting her,
Addie would be ours.  I was actually getting ready for bed when I found that out and spent the next 3 hours
getting our home ready for Addie May.

On January 12, 2013, Addie came home to her forever home in Rock Island, IL in a snow storm.  I was
worried about how she would do with the limited mobility in her left front leg.  She did wonderful!  She kept
sniffing around and looking at us with a nose full of snow!  Sunday, reading Addie's history of her ordeal
since September 2012, I saw that she had sat in a local shelter for 10 days with no pain meds or treatment
for her broken left elbow.  She has embedded front upper and lower incisors from trauma with both of her
canine teeth broken off.  No one knows but Addie what horrific experiences that she has had in her short
life.  Her foster Mom and Dad had loved her and shown her what a loving home felt like.  I knew that I had to
do what ever it took to give Addie a chance of best mobility possible with her healing left front leg.  Here is it
February 12, all most Valentines Day with our little girl.  She loves her soon to be 19 year old sister cat
Mindy Sue.  Addie's winning smile (yes she smiles) and beautiful loving personality wins over anyone who
meets her!  (Along with her fashionable pink winter hat) She has a wonderful Vet, Dr. Bob, who is giving her
treatments to her contracted tendons to nudge them into increased mobility.  She has seen a Orthopedic
Vet who has reviewed her problems, suggested treatment, which involves stretching exercises done at home
twice a day.  The mobility of the left leg has increased from 120 degrees to 130 degrees in 2 weeks.  Her
overgrown paw pads on her left front foot have worn down since we brought her home because of her
increased range of motion and putting more weight on the leg when walking, due to the treatments she has
received the past 6 weeks.  If things progress, she could even be a candidate for a elbow replacement
someday.  We are elated!  She had her teeth cleaned yesterday and has the white teeth of a puppy!

Addie loves everyone, especially her Mommy!  I can't imagine life without Addie.  She is still skittish of car
noises, especially truck engines and young men from the age of 16 to 25.  Her foster Mom and I think that
this was the age group that inflicted the abuse she endured.  I wish I had a magic wand to erase all the bad
memories from her sweet little brain.  I can only pray with time and love that those memories will be erased
and replaced with loving ones.  The other day she was sleeping, she was dreaming and wagging her tail....I
can only hope it was memories from her loving foster home and her new forever home.

Pete, Jeri and Matthew DiIulio
After the loss of our Basset and GABR Waddle veteran, Clementine, my wife and I started thinking about
a rescue. We have been Basset owners since 1991 with Bassets Trudy, Clementine and Lolly. Lolly had
solution.  solution.  

We filled out the GABR paperwork and submitted it. Since this all happened during the
Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays we asked not to be contacted until after the first of the year. Sure
enough, after the first week of the year, Jan Marcheleweski contacted me regarding a new dog they
received in December. She was a brown and white 4 year old female named Dixie. Mary Beth and I
talked to Jan and then to the Foster parent. She sounded perfect. GABR offered to have Dixie shuttled
to us but we were not busy that weekend and rather than make a lot of complicated transfers of Dixie,
Mary Beth, Lolly and I drove about 600 miles, from St. Louis to Rochelle, Illinois and back to St. Louis to
bring her home.  

Lolly and Dixie are now best of friends and Lolly seems a little happier. They go on walks together, have
met a lot of friends in Forest Park and Dixie has already dined at Forest Park’s Boat House. Both of
them will be attending Breakfast with the Bassets in St. Louis and this years Waddle in Dwight. Please be
sure to watch for her!

Ted and Mary Beth Engler

We adopted Clem on September 7th 2013 and brought him home to our dog friendly house, with a picket
fence and doggy door to the garage. (They do spend most of their time inside our house). We believe
Zoey and Clem,(now known as Archie) believe they own us, and rule the roost. Might be true! LOL

Archie is the sweetest dog, and we feel so good about our decision to adopt this dog who was dropped
in a night deposit at a animal shelter in Indiana. He loves us, and loves to be walked and lets you know
when its time for a walk. Archie is quite the ladies man, and were always told how handsome he is. All our
neighbors love to see him walk by and give him attention.

Your organization truly is made of angels, and thank you for helping this wonderful dog find a loving

God Bless,
Bill & Jennifer Carter
Happy Endings !!
Homeless bassets
find their forever