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It's all about the dogs
Basset Friends Forever
Larry Little,  President
GABR Board of Directors
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Because of your support, the future of Guardian Angel Basset
Rescue is bright.
 Your donations have made it possible to rescue over
4,000 Bassets during the first 17 years.  

Without your support, this would not have happened.

What will happen over the next 17 years?  With your support, hundreds of
unwanted Basset Hounds will have a great future.

But it won’t happen without

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Before being rescued by GABR
After his rescue  by GABR
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Your monthly donation through credit card or e-check will help guarantee that all of GABR's veterinarian expenses will be paid each month automatically.
Because of you, GABR has NEVER had an unpaid balance with any veterinary clinic for any period of time.  Those bills are always paid in full.

You are the reason for this.

Our most popular monthly donation amount is $25 – this amount pays the vet bills for one Basset that comes into GABR.  Won’t it be a great feeling to know
that your monthly donation is saving a life!

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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
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