A successful adoption depends on both the selection of the right Basset for your household and the understanding of the Basset's care taking needs.
So that we may assist you with this selection, please answer the questions on the application as completely as possible.

All information provided is kept confidential and is used only for the purpose of GABR operations. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

PLEASE READ our Adoption Procedures (below) prior to filling out the application. Guardian Angel Basset Rescue charges an adoption fee to
cover the necessary care of the hound prior to its adoption. It can be paid by cash, check or credit card and is due upon adoption.

Adoption fee for puppies over 6 mo. and adults: $200
Adoption fee for puppies 6 mo and under: $250
Adoption fee for senior dogs over age 8: $100

Please remember that our dogs have been "rescued" from bad situations or surrendered by their owners. Some of them have spent time in a shelter,
but just changing their routine and home environment, good or bad, can be very stressful. People don't usually give up perfect dogs. These issues are
worked on by the foster home, but some things can't be "fixed", just worked around. Whatever needs they have will be clearly stated in their description
on our website and by their foster home. There WILL BE an adjustment period once the dog is in your home. He/she may have accidents even though
they're house trained. During this time, you may see signs of stress such as separation anxiety, panting, pacing, shedding, drinking and urinating more.
You need to give your Basset time and patience to adapt...usually 2-3 weeks.

Because our dogs may have stress and issues to overcome, we prefer not to adopt to families with children under the age of six. In a new home, there
will be competition for attention. The bassets see and treat a young child who's physically on their level as another dog. They will communicate with
them in the same way by growling and sometimes "mouthing". This is all acceptable behavior in the dog world, but not the human world. It's best to wait
until your child is older and they BOTH can understand the difference.

All dogs are neutered/spayed, current on vaccinations, tested for Heartworm and on Heartworm preventative before adoption. The adopter is expected
to update the dog's vaccinations every year and keep them on monthly heartworm preventative year round. At the time of adoption, you will sign a
contract agreeing to return the dog to GABR if the adoption doesn't work out. No matter how long you've had the dog, we will take him/her back into
rescue. You will also agree to notify GABR of change of address so that we can keep our records updated. The adopter will NOT permit the Basset to
roam off leash while outside. You will either provide a fenced yard or agree to keep the dog on leash at all times. A Basset is an INSIDE dog and not
meant to be outside for long periods of time without proper supervision.

If you have problems with the adoption form or it will not go through, please print out the form and fax it to 815-584-3145.

Thank you.


What happens when you submit an application to GABR?

The application is forwarded to your local Adoption Coordinator (AC). You can expect to be contacted within one or two days by your local AC regarding
the status of your application.

During this one to two day period the AC is busy reviewing the application details and speaking with your veterinarian for reference purposes. As soon as
all the details are in place, you can expect a call from the AC to discuss the details of your application.

If you are approved, your AC will begin to review the bassets available for adoption and match the right basset with your lifestyle.

You will then be able to speak to the foster home for the dog you and AC agree best matches your preferences.

If the foster home agrees that you are right for their foster dog, a visit will be arranged. If all parties agree this is the basset for you, the adoption can take
place the same day and you can take your new family member home with you.
Adoption Procedures
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