Adopt a Basset Hound

The basics of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue are simple – GABR rescues Basset Hounds from Illinois,
Eastern Missouri and Indiana that find themselves in bad situations. Once the Basset is in our
possession, we provide the needed vet care - that cost is our largest expense.  After he leaves the vet,
our new friend goes to one of our wonderful foster homes.  Without the foster homes we have, our
organization would disintegrate.  After the foster home evaluates the dog, our adoption coordinators help
the Basset find a good home. Last year, over 300 Bassets were rescued and placed by this organization.
But we do more than rescue Bassets.
GABR has also become a source of advice and help for other small charities.  Our expertise is now helping over 30 groups develop their own charity auctions.

With all of this, our main focus has been to develop a base of supporters that provide the financial and volunteer support that is necessary if we are going to
continue taking in the ever increasing numbers of Bassets that we are seeing today. As long as our support stays strong and increases, our mission will also

It’s a great feeling to know that Guardian Angel not only helps the homeless Bassets in our area but that we also help various other breed rescues, cat rescues
and humane societies, as well as many groups outside the animal organizations. We know that we impact the lives of many animals in addition to the Basset
Hounds that we help – it’s a great feeling!

Thank you for considering the adoption of one of our Hounds – you won’t regret your decision.

Larry Little